Camden Town, London NW1 • 8,000 sqft • 8 weeks

"Working with Aster Interiors was smooth and hassle-free. The team came up with creative solutions to get the most out of our space within budget. Everyone loves it! It has been a true investment to both staff and clients."
Anna Suwik, HR Manager

Project Overview

We created a modern, young and energetic workspace which represents Festicket’s brand value as well as helping them to make progress toward their goals and address factors to encourage their continuing growth.

We combined various elements into our design and balanced a raw industrial style with some pieces of warm and homey furniture – it is like marrying rock n roll and country music genres in perfect harmony.

The “at home” atmosphere in the designated areas and well-designed lighting system throughout support the team’s physical, cognitive and emotional needs, and the flexible spaces we created help Festicket respond efficiently to their growing business and encourage seamless collaboration and promote effective communication. Accent colours are brilliantly used to add an element of fun and create points of interest.