Workplace Consultancy

We can offer a scientific approach to workplace design. Our consultancy services will provide you with data driven reasoning to your new office interior design and space layout


Each process is tailor made

Many companies claim to offer workplace consultancy services using unskilled and unqualified personnel to simply ask some briefing questions. We do not believe in this approach.

We pride ourselves on our experience, qualifications and track record backed up by clients who regularly work with us. Our specialism is in understanding the psychology of work and the workers within.

We seek to learn as much about your business and people as possible to create working strategies that we know reliably and statistically will work. The processes we offer can be simple light touch through to detailed analytics. Each process is tailor made to ensure we meet your project drivers, aspirations and vision.


Aster Interiors offer bespoke solutions


Our experts offer free advice

Our experts offer free advice

Whether it’s a simple reshuffle or a complete overhaul, we can help.

Aster can find you space that you didn’t know you had and make your investment pay dividends for years to come. Our proven processes have been tested time and time again; we work with you and your team with minimal disruption to your day to day operation.

Aster can provide shell and core, CAT A, CAT A+, CAT B fit-outs and refurbishments with great value and mindfulness on our planet.

We work closely with our clients, whether developer, landlord or tenant to create outstanding spaces.

For more information on how we can transform your space:

It is factual that the average office is significantly under utilised. Workstations, which usually represent the greatest proportion of the floor space, have an average occupation of less than 50%. Offices less than 25% and meeting rooms less than 40%.

We can put together a report, following a space occupancy study, which ultimately shows us how you use your space. Are meeting rooms being used enough? Our clients often feedback that they don’t have enough quiet spaces. Yet meeting rooms are used less than 40% of the time. Better space efficiency can create a much more tailored, perfect design solution for your business. We provide you with statistically reliable data following our auditors assessing your workspace use. This allows us to understand how you currently function within the workplace and establish areas that are not used efficiently enough.

This valuable process can provide massive cost savings, for example, the size of workplace you think you need as opposed to data backed evidence which may confirm you need much less. We all know how expensive every sq/ft of real estate can be.

The engagement process is the start of the change management. This examines the data of how the space is used so we can make recommendations for key requirements and understanding the culture within the workplace.
Staff will often feel happier to discuss matters in a face to face conversation with an independent third party.

Some organisations are happy with several small meetings covering all departments, whereas some would prefer less people involved. We tailor our process to your specific requirements and preferences.

Staff engagement is critical in delivering the correct project for your organisation.

Your staff are your greatest assets and allowing them to have a say in their workplace design and working practices is an important step in ensuring they accept and adapt. Our experts create anonymous electronic questionnaires which will help us understand; Gender splits, demographic profiling, personality types, workplace effectiveness and many others.
This data is particularly useful to the space occupancy study findings.

From experience, we see three – four generations working side by side in the workplace. Understanding the key behavioural differences is useful data to creating a workplace that supports diversity and inclusion of all of your organisation.

The workplace should be where all people want to visit, where people can thrive and feel supported and that their individual needs are met. If we get this right, we notice massive improvements in morale and also staff retention.
Our friendly team would love to hear from you for a no obligation chat on how we can help you.

Having extensively studied the psychology of people and demographics, we have come to understand all the small things that can make a big difference.

We now see three – four generations working side by side in the workplace and while we should avoid making generalisations about people, understanding the key differences is a useful shorthand to creating a workplace that supports diversity and each individual.

The workplace should be a place that people want to come to, brings the best out of them while there and supports collaborations and overall wellbeing. When all these elements are balanced we note improvements in morale and the retention of existing staff and the attraction of your next generation of workers and future leaders.

There are many facets to workplace consultancy. For instance, we think it is of great value to understand the broad personality types of your organisation. This knowledge can be used to influence the design of the workplace to ensure that it includes spaces we know your staff would use.

Introverts and extroverts are very different. For instance, introverts are likely to seek spaces for concentration whereas an extrovert would tend to gravitate towards other people. If we understand these personality behaviours, we can make informed decisions for your organisation on design layout.

We can create a scheme that is data driven, from the studies we carry out during the workplace consultancy phase.

Change Management

A vital component in your journey smart working

We understand that people are creatures of habit who have been working in a set way for most of their careers. Simply designing a beautiful environment does not mean it will be used effectively. Change management is a valuable tool to support staff through the inevitable transition relating to a significant change to their behaviours and habits.

Our bespoke change plan sets out a clear strategy on how we will work with your people to ensure that they understand:


Built around reinforcing positive messages agreed in advanced with your project sponsors

Through a series of workshops with project champions, we can create a team who will role model the change within the workplace. They will be responsible for defining how alternate workspaces would be used, identify what challenges and concerns staff may have and what rules people should follow to show respect for each other and the workplace.

Workshops with your Managers will support them in the change required on how they manage their teams. We need to move from an input measure to an output measure. We do this through workshops, collaborative brainstorming sessions and handouts.

Once these workshops have taken place and our core infrastructure is established, we then present this information to your people through a series of informative presentations and drop-in sessions.

It is essential you are supported through this transition, and we ensure our team stays close to your people right through to the post-occupancy review six months after your project is completed.